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Lower Elementary (1st-3rd Grade)

Children in grades 1-6 are building key mental frameworks for understanding the world. At Sankofa Montessori, our Montessori approach, Cosmic Education, uses of overarching stories to help children see interconnections between all subjects and feel how each learning area touches their own lives.

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Montessori Elementary

Main Subject Areas

Language Arts

Discover the joy of learning with a Language Arts program designed to foster independence, curiosity, and a deep love for reading and writing. The Montessori provides your child with an immersive language experience that nurtures creativity, communication, and confidence.

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The Montessori approach encourages deep understanding and a genuine love for numbers, as children explore everything from basic arithmetic to complex problem-solving in a supportive, self-paced environment. Watch your child develop a strong mathematical foundation, critical thinking skills, and the confidence to explore the fascinating world of math.

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Science and Social Studies

Through real-life applications and explorative learning, students discover the relevance of math in scientific inquiry and historical contexts, enhancing their analytical and problem-solving skills. Join our Montessori program and watch your child develop a cohesive and applied understanding of math as a fundamental tool for exploring and appreciating the intricacies of science and society.

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Field Studies

Students engage with nature and their environment through quantitative observations, data collection, and analysis, applying math skills in meaningful, contextual ways.

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