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We provide a culturally responsive, child and family-centered tuition-free Public Montessori education.

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Our goal is to design more purposeful futures

At Sankofa Montessori, we utilize the Montessori model of learning to provide a culturally responsive, child and family-centered tution free Montessori schools education that empowers every child with the knowledge, skills, and agency to lead a life of purpose.
The meaning of Sankofa is to honor the past to make way for the future. It symbolizes our philosophy of perpetual reflection and growth at the center of our work with our students, families, and communities.


Our Values


We act in service of love by building deep and meaningful relationships and always going above and beyond for each other.


We deliver on our commitments, take the initiative, and find ways to elevate our excellence every day.


We operate with intention and urgency in all that we do to ensure that every child has the opportunity to lead a life of purpose.


We cultivate a growth mindset by making time to reflect on what we do and why we do it to ensure that we are continuously improving.


We have fun, we celebrate each other, and we show up as our full selves.

Our Team

Sarah Harvey
Sarah Harvey, M.Ed.,

Founder/Executive Director

Rhushanda Barnes
Rhushanda Barnes, M.Ed.,

Director of Student Support and Services

Assata Hatch
Assata Hatch

Associate Director of Operations

Chantille Chelich
Chantille Chelich, M.Ed.,

Associate Director of Academics

Jasmine See
Jasmine See

Manager of Student Culture and Family Engagement



I want you to know that from the bottom of my heart, I can’t thank Sankofa enough for taking care of my pride and joy! Thank you for creating space and community for {him} to thrive and enjoy learning! He never complains about having to get up to get ready for school as he did with his previous school, and he is always quizzing us at home on math and spelling! Thank you, thank you! I hope we get the same, if not similar experience that Sanokofa has spoiled us with at his next school!

Shakeila L
Former 1st grade parent

I just love love love each and every one of the staff members at Sankofa. You all are so amazing and you can see it on all of the children’s faces as they enter and depart the school. You all are greatly appreciated and keep up the good work!

Cheryl B
Kindergarten Grandparent

Thank you so much for providing us with this community. This is the first Montessori school that I have ever heard of that is tuition-free. I’m from New York where Montessori is 20,000+ a year. To our guides, We’re so grateful for you all, and we thank you for your patience this school year.

Nyesha D
Kindergarten Parent
About us

Tour Sankofa Montessori

Visit Sankofa Montessori and take a tour of the Globe, Sankofa’s academic building.

You can also book a private tour of the Globe

The tour includes:

  • Walk around our academic building and playground
  • Information package about Sankofa Montessori
  • Scheduling and background about our montessori

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We are still accepting applications for SY 24-25 (July-May)

The guides and staff at Sankofa Montessori are here to empower every child to build a life of purpose through exploratory learning and growth.

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